About Us

free video footage logo 1Welcome to Free Video Footage, our amazing collection of stock video footage, made available to you, totally free of charge. We built and develop this offer to be the best free video download

What do we offer?


You can download any video clip from this library and use in your projects, at no cost and totally risk-free! No hidden charges, no catch. Simply a valuable resource for your video production purposes.

Who We Are

I’m Amos Struck, experienced stock media industry entrepreneur and founder of StockPhotoNow, a brand and team managing ten well-established online shops offering high quality, affordable stock media for creatives, including stock photos, stock footage, vector illustrations, icons, logos and vehicle templates.

My team and I apply all our experience, knowledge and skills to build awesome services that truly cover all your creative needs.

Our Mission to Give Back

I am a firm believer in giving back to those whom have helped you. So to me and the rest of the team it is very important to bring valuable resources for the graphic designers, videomakers and creatives we have worked with over the past 10 years, and FreeVideoFootage is our newest project in this endeavour.

We want to make sure we bring not only a useful, but also a valuable resource to help all you video and filmmakers develop your projects faster, cheaper, and better.

We hope you love Free Video Footage as much as we do!